Easter Bunny Came Early!

Even though Easter isn’t for a few more days, I wanted to share a little goodie that is only for you – my blog followers!  You all are my favorite people in the whole wide internet world, and I want you all to feel as ooey-gooey-warm-and-squishy inside as I feel about you 🙂

So from now until Midnight tomorrow night, Mountain time (cause I live in the Rockies 🙂 ) you can visit my Ravelry store and get one free pattern of your choice!

Will you choose boot cuffs like the Broomstick Twist Boot Cuffs?


Or will you choose something for a little bundle of joy in your life, like the Cozy Cable Sleep Sack?


Or will you add something cute and stylish to your Spring wardrobe like the Butterfly Kisses Scarf & Belt?


Whatever your heart’s desire, all you have to do is head over to my Ravelry shop, add your pattern to your cart and at checkout, just enter the code BLOGLUV316 to get it for FREE!

Thanks so much for being a fan of The Blue Star Boutique!


3 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Came Early!

  1. Lori Hadley says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful Easter gift. I chose the cables sleep sack since we just found out we are having our 3rd grandbaby due this fall.


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