Pinspiration – Crochet Jewelry Display

I don’t know about you, but I am often unorganized and lost down the Pinterest rabbit hole…  I usually dive in when I’m either trying to kill some time or I need some inspiration, but regardless of why I’m there, that rabbit hole is D-E-E-P!  So I thought – hey, why not take advantage of the Pintreasures (hey I made a new word!) and share my take on some things…  So I’ll be posting things like this periodically – aren’t you glad I need a Pinterest for my Pinteraddiction (whoa I’m on a roll with these new words!)??

The first project I just had to get my hands on was some kind of crochet jewelry display (remember I’m organizationally challenged).  There are all sorts of different ways to organize your jewelry, but I chose something that can be crafted from the junk laying around the house/garage or at least picked up for wicked cheap at the thrift store.  (Side note…  does the “wicked” give away that I spent some time in Mass in my youth??  That’s where I learned to pahk the cah.)

Here’s the way I chose to create my Pinspired (I didn’t create this word, lol) jewelry holder…

Step 1 – Gather supplies!  You’ll need some crochet thread or yarn and a crochet hook – any size/weight will do!  I chose cotton crochet thread size 10 – ’cause I already had some, and a size B hook.  You’ll also need a picture frame – again, any size/shape will do!  Ditch the backing and glass – all you need is the wood part! And if you don’t have one laying around and no time to go to Goodwill, look around your house at all the pictures on the walls and find someone you can do without looking at every day… and rob the frame 🙂

Here’s what the frame looked like when I started:


Step 2 – chain a length to match the width of your frame (it doesn’t have to be perfect)


Step 3 – work a couple of rows of sc across.  The stitch pattern after that is completely up to you – here are a couple of suggestions…

On the first one, I sc in the first couple of stitches, then ch3, *sc in next 2 sts, ch3, I worked that across to the last couple of stitches and then worked sc in the last 2 stitches. This creates little eyelets across the bottom edge. Fasten off.

On the second one, I worked the first couple of rows of sc, and then worked V-stitch across, and then 2 more rows of V-stitch. Fasten off.

Remember, these are just suggestions and they do NOT have to be exact (no one’s going to see the back of the frame)- experiment, play around, and have fun creating enough strips to fill your frame with a little space between each strip.


Step 4 – attach your strips to the frame.  You can use a staple gun, a hot glue gun, or any other type of adhesive you like, but I went with the staple gun.  Remember I’m an instant gratification kinda girl, and the staple gun is bingo bango fast and won’t burn my fingers 🙂  (Of course, there is the risk of puncture and hemorrhage, but I digress…)

If you are using the staple gun like I did, leave those tails on the strip – it helps to have something to pull the strips tight with while you staple.  You can always trim them down after you’re all done.  And another side note – it makes no difference if you are a rock star staple gunner and get that bad boy secured with the first expertly placed staple or a close-your-eyes-cause-you’re-afraid-of-stapling-your-eye-out staple gunner who takes 2, 3, or 4 (or 6 or 8) staples to keep that strip from going places – as long as it stays put, you’re golden!

VOILA!  You’re all done!  Now all that’s left to do is hang it on the wall and add your jewelry!

How cool is that, right?!?  We’re talking C-O-O-L with a capital TOTES MAGOTES!  (thank you James Earl Jones!)

I’d love to see your take on this Pinspiration!  If you post on Facebook or Instagram, be sure to tag me @thebluestarboutique and use the tag #pinteraddiction so I can search for your photos later!

If you’d like to see some of the other fantastic jewelry organizers on Pinterest, click here to see what I saw!

Happy Crafting!

xoxo Shelley


Serenity Spa Washcloth – FREE PATTERN!

I have been sitting on this pattern for awhile, but I kept getting sidetracked from getting it published.  I traveled to visit people, people traveled here to visit us, fungus amongus invaded, spring cleaning… and after all that, I’ve been just plain tired!!!  And what do we all usually dream of when we’re exhausted and worn out???  Yep – a spa day!

I don’t know about you, but money doesn’t grow on any of the trees in my yard, so that week-long luxurious spa vacation is still a pipe dream for me, LOL!  So I went with the next best idea and designed a really simple yet elegant washcloth that just feels so lovely!  And I thought to myself… “Self, I bet all your hundreds of thousands of friends would love to feel this awesomeness too! And if you give it to them for free, they’ll love you forever!”  Hehehe, you will, right?!?!


This washcloth will remain free here on my blog, but if you purchase the ad-free PDF, you’ll be getting 2 bonus patterns for a back scrubber and a face scrubbie!  Check it out in my Ravelry shop!

Skill level: Intermediate
Yarn weight: #4 worsted weight

Yarn in sample: Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton in Pistache

Amount of Yarn Needed: approx. 120 yds
Hook size: G (4.25 mm)
Gauge: 4sc and 4 rows sc = 1” (but gauge is not important)
Additional materials: yarn needle, scissors
Finished size: 8-9”
Notes: Gauge is not important, but if you don’t meet gauge, your finished size and amount of yarn used may be different.

ch – chain
RS – right side
sc – single crochet sk – skip
st – stitch
WS – wrong side yo – yarn over

Special Stitches:
Puff – (yo, insert hook into st, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook) 3 times, yo, pull through all 4 loops on hook


Ch 36
R1  starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc across (35 sc)
R2 (and all even rows) ch1, sc across, turn (35 sc)

R3  ch1, sc in same st, puff in next st,*sc in next st, puff in next st, repeat across to last st, sc in last st, turn (18 sc, 17 puff)
R5  ch1, sc in same st, puff in next st, sc in next 31 sts, puff in next st, sc in last st, turn (33 sc, 2 puff)
R7  Rep R5
R9  ch1, sc in same st, puff in next st, sc in 5 sts, (puff in next st, sc in next st) 11 times, sc in next 4 sts, puff in next st, sc in last st, turn (22 sc, 13 puff)
R11  ch1, sc in same st, puff in next st, sc in next 5 sts, puff in next st, sc in next 19 sts, puff in next st, sc in next 5 sts, puff in next st, sc in last st, turn (31 sc, 4 puff)
R13  Rep R11
R15  ch1, sc in same st, (puff in next st, sc in next 5 sts) twice, (puff in next st, sc in next st) 4 times, (puff in next st, sc in next 5 sts) twice, puff in next st, sc in last st, turn (26 sc, 9 puff)
R17, 19, 21, 23  Rep R15
R25, 27  Rep R11

R29  Rep  R9
R31, 33  Rep R5
R35  Rep R3
R37  ch1, 3sc in same st, *sc across to last st, 3sc in last st, rotate 90 degrees, rep from * twice more, sc to end, slst to 1st sc to join, fasten off and weave in ends
Grab your hook and favorite cotton yarn, and start hooking your washcloths!  They work up fast, and you’ll be enjoying your own private spa day in no time!
XOXO – Shelley

Valentine’s Day Treat Bag – FREE PATTERN!

Do you have little mini-you people that need some fun little treats for Valentine’s Day?  Do you have a stash of scrap yarn you don’t know what to do with?  Well I am here to save the DAY!!!

Valentine Treat Bag WM 1Valentine Treat Bag WM 2

This little gem works up so fast – you can make enough for a whole classroom in one evening!  You can fill them with candy hearts, stickers, lollipops, or anything else you’d like to give as treats 🙂

The pattern will remain free here on my blog, but if you’d like to purchase an ad-free PDF containing lots of different tester samples and photo tutorial for only $1.00, you can visit my Ravelry shop!

Skill level: Easy
Yarn weight: #4 Worsted
Yarn in sample: Caron One Pound
Amount of Yarn Needed – scrap amounts
Hook size: G (4.25mm)
Gauge: not important 🙂
Additional materials: yarn needle
Finished size laid flat: approx. 5 inches wide x 4 inches tall from center between humps down to bottom point
Notes: Since gauge is not important, you can use any yarn/hook combination you like.

beg – beginning ch – chain
lps – loops
rem – remaining
rep – repeat
sc – single crochet
sc2tog – single crochet 2 together st – stitch

Hearts (make 2)


R1  sc in 2nd ch from hook, turn (1)
R2  ch1, 3sc in same st, turn (3)
R3  ch1, 2sc in 1st st, sc to last st, 2sc in last st, turn (5)
R4-7 repeat R3 (st count will increase by 2 each row)
R8  ch1, sc across, turn (13)
R9  repeat R3 (15)
R10  repeat R8 (15)
R11  repeat R3 (17)
R12  repeat R8 (17)
R13  repeat R3 (19)
R14  repeat R8 (19)
R15  repeat R3 (21)
R16-17 repeat R8, do not fasten off after R17 (21)

Right Hump
R1  ch1, sc in 10 sts, leaving the rest unworked, turn (10)
R2  ch1, sc2tog over 1st 2 sts, sc to last 2 sts, sc2tog over last 2 sts, turn (8)
R3-4  repeat R2, ending stitch count should be 4 sts, fasten off

Left Hump
Join yarn in 2nd st to left of last st of Right Hump R1.

R1 ch1, sc in same st as join and last 9 sts, turn (10)
R2-4 repeat the instructions for Right Hump


Join yarn in the unworked sc between the humps. Work 1 round of sc around the heart, working 2sc where necessary around curves and 3sc in point at the bottom of the heart. Fasten off.


**Note** if any embellishments are desired (see Finishing section below), it is easiest to complete those before assembling hearts together.

Lay hearts on top of each other with wrong sides together. Join yarn on the left side at the widest part of the heart, making sure to work through both layers.

R1  Ch1, work sc evenly through both hearts down to the point at the bottom of the hearts, work 3sc in the point, and then work sc evenly up the other side to the widest part across from yarn join, Ch50 (or number of chains to achieve desired length) to create handle, do not turn

R2  sc in 1st sc from R1 and in each sc down to the point, work 3sc in the center of the point, sc in each sc up the other side, work 50 sc (or same number as ch) around ch handle, slst to 1st sc to join, fasten off


Weave in all ends. If desired, you can backstitch words, names, or other designs on the hearts to add a personal touch! You can also add a fun tassel to the point

Think outside the box with this one, guys!  Treat bags are just the beginning!  One of my testers used the pattern to make Valentine’s coasters, and even a giant pillow made with Bernat Blanket yarn!

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

XOXO – Shelley