I make every possible effort to ensure that all of my products are compliant with safety regulations as specified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the (CPSC) and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

What is Compliance?

This legislation requires that children’s products that are intended for use by children up to 13 years old are tested for lead, flammability, and phalates like BPA.  There are also some additional products for adult use that could require certain testing.  A written record of the testing compliance must be kept on file for most items used in the creation of the finished product, unless the component is exempt from testing.  A permanent tracking label must also be affixed to the finished item.  This allows the manufacturer to track down the specific items if there was ever a recall issued.

What is a Small Batch Manufacturer?

A small batch manufacturer is a business, like mine, whose size is small enough that the CPSC allows exemptions from having to have each finished product tested by a third party for lead, flammability, and phalates.  Instead, we are able to use the testing certificates from the manufacturer for each non-exempt component used in making the finished item that you purchase, which we keep on file.  This helps me to ensure I’m creating beautiful and safe works of art and to keep my costs down while doing it!

What information should be on the tracking label?

When you look at the label, you should find the following:

  • Who the manufacturer is (usually this is a business logo)
  • How to contact the manufacturer (usually a website)
  • Where the manufacturer creates the product (City & State)
  • When the product was finished
  • How to care for the product
  • A unique mark or number so you are able to follow recall instructions should the occasion arise.

How do I know who is compliant and who is not?

Just ask! The small business artisans are banding together to show you that they truly care. As such, you should be able to locate a statement on their web-stores. Such statements as “Meets CPSC Safety Requirements” will let you know that their products have been tested by themselves, or they are registered as a small batch manufacturer and have received a statement from their suppliers that the components have been tested and are safe for use in their products.  Another good indication will be if the tags/labels affixed to the finished item contain the pieces of information listed above.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about the regulations or the governing agencies, please click these links to educate yourself on the things you should be expecting of the merchants you give your money to.