12 Days of Christmas 2017

12 Days of Christmas Main Graphic

Can you believe there are only 12 more days till Christmas?  I mean seriously, it seems like I blinked and this whole year passed!  But just like so many of you, Christmas is such a magical time for me – all over again now that I have grand babies.  11 of my favorite designer friends have their own Christmas spirit – and we are so stinking excited to bring you our version of the 12 Days of Christmas.

And yours truly is kicking things off….


On the 1st day of Christmas, The Blue Star Boutique (that’s me) gave to you:

My brand new pattern – the Candy Twist Children’s Cape for only $1.00!

Candy Twist Cape Collage

This cape is so darling!!!  And believe me, I’m not just saying that because my granddaughter is such a cute model (although really, can you stand the cuteness overload?!?!?!)  The cable loops remind me of Christmas candy twists, and there are elements of lace that brings a touch of the Victorian era back to life.

The pattern features sizes Toddler (1-3), Child (4-10) and Preteen/Teen (11-15), so all the young ladies in your life are covered!

All you have to do to claim your copy for only $1 is click this link and enter code PARTRIDGE and your cart will be adjusted!  This code is good through Christmas Eve, so if Santa comes early and leaves a little moulah in your stocking, this adorable cape can be yours!  And if not, no worries – it’ll still be available at regular price of $4.95.


On the 2nd day of Christmas, Sweet Potato Crochet Creations gave to you:

Her brand new pattern – the “Check” Me Out Bag!


You can get the pattern for this snazzy bag, and any other pattern in her Ravelry shop, for 50% off with code 2TURTLEDOVES.  Visit her blog here to read all the details!


On the 3rd day of Christmas, Ambassador Crochet gave to you:

Her awesome snuggly Arctic Snowdrift Cowl pattern!


Check out her blog post here to find out how you can grab your copy for only $1!


On the 4th day of Christmas, Blackstone Designs gave to you:

A big shop-wide 50% off sale!


The code to use is CALLINGBIRDSgo to her blog to learn how to save BIG!!!


On the 5th day of Christmas, Glamour4You gave to you:

A shop-wide 50% off sale!


Visit her blog here to see the different ways to save with code  5GoldenRings!


On the 6th day of Christmas, Snappy Tots gave to you:

A whole bunch of really cool stuff!


Go visit her blog to see all the fun goodies she is bringing you today!


On the 7th day of Christmas, Sweet Potato 3 gave to you:

Her brand new Hygge Wine & Coffee Cozy pattern!


You can get this amazing versatile pattern for only $1 with code 7Swans, but she’s got even more goodies for you over on her blog.  Go check it out!


On the 8th day of Christmas, Creative Threads by Leah gave to you:

A huge store-wide sale!

If you visit her Ravelry store and have $5 or more in your cart, use code 12DaysChristmas to save 70%!


On the 9th day of Christmas, Yarn Medleys From the Heart gave to you:

A store-wide sale!


Visit her Ravelry store and use code 9LADIESDANCING to save 50%!


On the 10th day of Christmas, AllieCat’s Hats and Crafts gave to you:

A store-wide sale and an extra surprise!


Not only can you save 50% off of all of her patterns through Christmas day, she is giving you the Very Merry Stocking pattern FREE TODAY ONLY with code 10LordsLeaping – so leap on over to her shop!  If you are taking advantage of both offers, please make sure to create 2 separate transactions.


On the 11th day of Christmas, Crafting Friends Designs gave to you:

A store-wide sale!


Check out her blog to see how you can save!


On the 12th day of Christmas, KMT Creations gave to you:

A store-wide BOGO sale!


Go to her Ravelry store and save big!


Shelley here…  I want to take a moment and thank you all for staying tuned in and participating with my designer friends and me for the 12 Days of Christmas 2017!  We have had the best time bringing you all the goodies and holiday cheer, and we hope you all have enjoyed celebrating with us!

It’s almost time to get the cookies plated, the milk poured, and the stockings hung by the chimney with care! Be sure you’re on the nice list, because St. Nick soon will be here!

Merry Christmas to all!

And in case you want to keep track of the participating designers, here are their links!

1st Day – The Blue Star Boutique (hey that’s me!)
2nd Day – Sweet Potato Crochet Creations
3rd Day – Ambassador Crochet
4th Day – Blackstone Designs
5th Day – Glamour4You
6th Day – Snappy Tots
7th Day – Sweet Potato 3
8th Day – Creative Threads by Leah
9th Day – Yarn Medley’s From the Heart
10th Day – AllieCat’s Hats and Crafts
11th Day – Crafting Friends Designs
12th Day – KMT Creations


Fellow Designer Spotlight – Sweet Potato Crochet Creations

Next up on my Fellow Designer Spotlight series is Carol from Sweet Potato Crochet Creations!


TBSB:  Hi, Carol!  Tell my readers a little about yourself.

Carol: I’m a wife and a stay at home mom to 2 super energetic kids (4 and 1). When I’m not busy with them, I enjoy crocheting and Netflix binging. I love designing patterns using fun stitch combinations and my kids sometimes help me with my color choices!

TBSB:  At what age did you learn to crochet, and who taught you?

Carol: I was 21 when I first learned how to crochet. I didn’t have any family members around me at the time that knew how to crochet, so I learned the basics from YouTube. After that I taught myself how to read patterns and progressed from there with books, videos, blog posts, and lots and lots of practice!

TBSB:  Don’t you just love that there are so many more resources than there used to be?!?!

TBSB:  When did you start designing?

Carol:  I started designing at the beginning of 2015.

TBSB:  That is impressive, Carol!  Your designs are detailed and lovely, I would have assumed you’d been designing forever! What are your favorite things to design?

Carol: Hats – I love making hats. I really enjoy smaller projects that give me instant gratification, and for me, hats give exactly that!

TBSB:  Where do you find your inspiration?

Carol: I find inspirations from a lot of different things! I love skimming through Pinterest to get ideas. Even shopping helps ignite a spark! I also have several stitch books that I like to peruse through. Sometimes I find myself coming back to a stitch several times and just NEED to make something with it. People I know also inspire ideas and designs for me. I have a few designs that were made for a specific person in mind (Aidan’s Sunhat-my son picked the stitches for this one!, Olivia’s Sunhat, The Amelia Sundresses and my Chelsea Waves Slouch)


Shelley here……  This is Olivia’s Sunhat that Carol was taking about – check out the awesome texture all over this hat!!!  Totes on my list to make for my granddaughters!

TBSB:  With regard to crochet hooks, are you on Team Bates or Team Boye?

Carol: I’m team Clover Amour! However, if I had to choose between the two, I prefer Bates.

TBSB:  Oh NO, not Bates?!?!  Say it ain’t so, Carol!  LOL!  (Before all the members of Team Bates want to strangle me, I am sure they are just swell, but I personally am not a fan, LOL)

TBSB:  What is your favorite yarn weight/brand to work with?

Carol: I love worsted weight yarn because I find it’s availability to be endless as well as its color options! It feels comfortable in my hands, and I can make almost anything using it. I do love using lighter yarns as well.

TBSB:  Is there a stitch or technique you would like to learn?

Carol: I would love to learn the crocodile stitch or broomstick lace!

TBSB:  What is your favorite tool in your yarny toolbox?

Carol: I love my pom pom makers! I used to make them by hand, and they never came out as good or as round as with my pom pom makers without having to trim them a lot.

TBSB:  I know EXACTLY what you mean – pom pom makers are total game changers!!!

TBSB:  What is your most popular pattern?

Carol:  My most popular free pattern is my Happy Little Elephant Applique, and my most popular paid pattern is my Twilight Horizon Hand and Shoulder Bag.


This is Carol’s Twighlight Hand and Shoulder Bag – and again the texture is amazing!  Check it out in her Ravelry shop!

TBSB:  Where can readers go to see your work?

Carol:  My Blog (click here to view her blog).  My patterns are for sale on Ravelry (click here to visit Carol’s Ravelry shop), Twitter (click here to follow her on Twitter),  Pinterest (click here to see Carol’s Pins), and Instagram (click here to see her on IG).  I also have a Facebook page (click here to visit Sweet Potato Crochet Creations on FB).

Shelley here again….  If you are looking for a projects that work up fairly quickly yet features textural design elements and great opportunities for color use, Sweet Potato Crochet Creations can definitely meet your needs!  Go show her some love and tell her I sent you!


12 Days of Christmas Coming Soon

12 Days of Christmas Main Graphic

Who doesn’t love the 12 Days of Christmas?  Besides the Grinch, that is…  Well, 11 other designers are joining me to bring you 12 days of really fun surprises, gifts, and special offers, and the fun will begin on December 13th!

Here are the participating designers bringing you all the awesomeness:

The Blue Star Boutique (hey, that’s me!)
Sweet Potato Crochet Creations
Ambassador Crochet
Blackstone Designs
Snappy Tots
Sweet Potato 3
Creative Threads by Leah
Yarn Medley’s From The Heart
AlleyCats Hats and Crafts
Crafting Friends Designs
KMT Creations

So be sure to tune in here on Wednesday for the 1st Day of Christmas Surprise!

Fellow Designer Spotlight – Sweet Potato 3

Next up on my Fellow Designer Spotlight series is Christine from Sweet Potato 3.


TBSB:  Hi, Christine!  Tell my readers a little about yourself.

Christine:  I am a Wife, Mom, and Designer. That about sums it up. I know that sounds simple, but boy does it keep me busy. I have been blessed to be married to a charming man for 17+ years. We have the most amazing 3 kids that keep up guessing whether we are doing good or not-LOL! I manage our household, and I am sure most of you know what all that entails… a whole lot of craziness! And then, in my free time, I design crochet patterns

TBSB:  At what age did you learn to crochet, and who taught you?

Christine: I cannot remember an exact age when I learned to crochet. I know I was in elementary school and started with simple patterns like doll blankets and bibs. What made crochet so special, was that I was taught by my Great Grandmother. It was a special time that we spent together. My first big project was a blanket kit and my Mom ordered 2 kits, one for me and one for my Great Grandma. We worked on those blankets every time we got together. Great Grandma has been gone for many years, but I still have that blanket and the memories.

TBSB:  Wow – I am speechless!  What a treasure to have had that time with your Great Grandma, and that you still have that blanket!!!  That’s an heirloom for sure!

TBSB:  When did you start designing?

Christine:  In 2012. I started design when my cousin, who is a professional photographer, asked me to make a soccer ball beanie. I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked so I just made it up. Once she posted the newborn photo’s of a baby in the soccer ball beanie I had so many requests for the pattern that I decided to write it up. Within a couple months Sweet Potato 3 Patterns was in full swing.

TBSB:  I hear that so often!  What are your favorite things to design?

Christine: That is the toughest question! I love designing everything. I started with hat designs and that was my niche. But, after a while it moved toward newborn photography props. In the last couple years I feel as though I have fallen in love with blankets. I really enjoy switching up what I make, it keeps things fresh and new.

TBSB:  Where do you find your inspiration?

Christine: Everywhere! Some days you just see something at the most random place: while grocery shopping, on a run or walk, cooking dinner or helping kids with homework. It’s true, some of those math problems can spark some creativity! The inspiration can be a pattern, a design, a style or even a color combination. It is usually just one and then I turn to online google and Pinterest searches to gather more inspiration to begin a new design.


Copyright Sweet Potato 3

Shelley here……  I just have to show you Christine’s Pygmy Seahorse Stuffy pattern – isn’t it the most adorable thing ever?!?!?!  It’s a perfect example of Christine’s creativity and attention to detail!  You can find it here in her Ravelry shop.

TBSB:  With regard to crochet hooks, are you on Team Bates or Team Boye?

Christine: Boye all the way baby!!!

TBSB:  Me too, me too!! What is your favorite yarn weight/brand to work with?

Christine: I love to play with different yarn all the time. I use more worsted weight yarn than any other, so when I decide to work with sport or fine yarn I love it! I love the different textures in each yarn weight and brand, it is an exciting adventure to find the perfect yarn for a new project. As for brand, I use Red Heart most of the time, just because it is easy to find. But, I have to admit, I am a huge fan of Lion Brand yarn.

TBSB:  Is there a stitch or technique you would like to learn?

Christine: I would LOVE to learn Tunisian Crochet. I always see stitches that I want to learn and 9 times out of 10 they are Tunisian. Maybe that needs to be my 2018 goal…

TBSB:  What is your favorite tool in your yarny toolbox?

Christine: Honestly, I don’t have any fun or unique tools. But, what has been a life changer is my Clover Hooks. I am seriously in love with them.

TBSB:  What is your most popular pattern?

Christine:  Two designs are in the running for top in sale for 2017 – Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket Set, and the Deerly Beloved Blanket.

TBSB:  I can totally see why!!!!  My granddaughter loves the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket I made for her!


Copyright Sweet Potato 3

This is Christine’s  Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket – it’s it so cute and snuggly???  It is available in her Ravelry shop, but you should really check it out on her blog – she’s got some great photos and video tutorials there!


And the Deerly Beloved Blanket…  look at the detail on the graph – and those braided elements on the borders… Ooo LA LA!  Check this one out on her blog as well!

TBSB:  Where can readers go to see your work?

Christine:  My Blog (click here to view her blog).  My patterns are for sale on Ravelry (click here to visit Christine’s Ravelry shop), Etsy (click here to view her Etsy shop), and Craftsy (you guessed it – click here to see her on Craftsy).  I also have a Facebook page (click here to visit Sweet Potato 3 on FB).


I just have to tell you that Christine is one of my favorite designers to work with!  Having tested patterns for her in the past, I know first hand the passion, detail, and creativity she invests into her designs.


This is my version of the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear blanket!

Whenever you see a pattern with the Sweet Potato 3 name, you can be assured that you are not only purchasing a high quality design but also top notch customer service as well.  Be sure to visit her, and tell her I sent you!

Christine – much love to you girl!  I’m proud to work with you!