New Pattern Release – Dainty Daisy Baby Blanket

I don't usually think of summer time as the perfect blanket making weather...  Autumn & winter are what come to mind when I think of being able to snuggle under a bunch of yarn as I hook the night away.  But, babies are born year round...  And babies need to be all snuggly buggly (yep, … Continue reading New Pattern Release – Dainty Daisy Baby Blanket

Serenity Spa Washcloth – FREE PATTERN!

I have been sitting on this pattern for awhile, but I kept getting sidetracked from getting it published.  I traveled to visit people, people traveled here to visit us, fungus amongus invaded, spring cleaning... and after all that, I've been just plain tired!!!  And what do we all usually dream of when we're exhausted and … Continue reading Serenity Spa Washcloth – FREE PATTERN!