Marguerite Summer Cardigan & BOS Blog Hop

I am so stinkin’ excited to be participating in this round of the Battle of the Stitches design competition!  I’ve designed for several rounds in the past, but this one is super special because we’ve changed it up just a tad.  We’re hosting this round as a blog hop, and I think that’s extra fun!  I mean, who doesn’t love a good mystery and learning about new designers???  Right???

My design for this round is the Marguerite Summer Cardigan… and I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed creating this garment!

BOS Rnd 13 Promo Pic Shelley Moore Watermarked

My favorite things to design are items that bring crochet into the public eye, which is why I love to make garments.  I was desperate for a really cute, fun summer cardigan to wear over a tank top, and when I saw the stitch for this round – the vision instantly popped into my head!

A nice drape was extremely important to me, and the slanted puff stitch lends itself quite nicely, especially when worked with light weight yarn.  You can see the lacy texture in the stitch detail, which is featured in the body of the cardigan as well as the sleeves.

BOS Rnd 13 Stitch Detail Watermark

The bodice has a denser fabric and features a really fun and spunky stair-step detail along the neck line.

BOS Rnd 13 Neckline Watermark

I chose Premier Cotton Fair yarn in Slate Grey and Cloud Gazing… it’s my favorite #2 cotton yarn for garments – so soft, pliable, and very easy to work with.  You’ll likely see it in more future designs 🙂

The pattern features sizes S – 3X, as well as photo tutorials for each specialty stitch, so even though it’s rated with an intermediate skill level, it’s a great opportunity for beginners to expand their skills 🙂

Everything about this cardigan just makes my heart go pitter pat – and I hope it does the same for you!

If you love this design as much as I do, please go vote for it!   To vote, simply click here to view it on Ravelry and click the little red heart to add it to your favorites.  Then return here and post the link to your favorites as a comment to this blog post.
I’ll be randomly drawing 1 winner from the comments on this post who will receive 5 free patterns from my store – so make sure you comment 🙂
After you vote for mine :), be sure to check out Sweet Potato 3’s blog post – her design is the 3rd stop in our blog hop!
If you complete the blog hop, there will be a surprise giveaway at the very end with some really cool prizes!  So don’t miss out!

Tony the Tiger Heximal Rattle – Crochet Toy Drive

If you’re not familiar with the Crochet Charity Drive, you gotta check it out!  Over a dozen designers are bringing you some really fun free toy patterns that you can use to donate to those in need!


To see the full schedule for each designer, click here.

I’ve got 2 separate spots on this drive, and this week is my 1st week!  Pretty cool huh?  I wanted to design something that makes noise – my 2 infant granddaughters LOVE noisy things 🙂  So here’s my pattern for Tony the Tiger Heximal Rattle!


Tony the Tiger Heximal Rattle

Skill level:  Easy

Yarn weight:    #4 worsted – 2 colors        

Hook size:  H (5 mm)

Additional materials:  Safety eyes & nose or buttons, yarn needle, stitch marker, optional rattle insert

Gauge:  Not important

Finished size:    approx. 5-6”

Notes: This pattern is written as being a rattle, but you can omit the rattle and make it a soft stuffy.  The hexagon shapes are worked in a spiral pattern so you will need to mark the beginning of each row with a stitch marker.

beg – beginning
ch – chain
lps – loops
rep – repeat
sc – single crochet
sk – skip
sl st – slip stitch
st – stitch

Written in US terminology

Hexagons – make 2

R1      Magic Ring (MR), 6 sc into MR (6)
R2      *2sc* around (12)
R3      *(sc, ch2, sc), sc* around (18 sc, 6 ch2sp)
R4-7     *sc to next ch2 sp, (sc, ch2, sc) in next ch2sp* around, sc to end (30 sc, 6 ch2sp)

At the end of R7, slst into marked st and fasten off.

Add eyes, nose and mouth to 1 hexagon.

Surface Crochet

Lay the Face hex right side up, and join Color B in ch2sp above either eye.  Work 3 strips of surface crochet to point of hexagon and fasten off, leaving a long tail about 5” or so.  Do the same above the other eye, making sure to leave a long tail at the end of each strip.  Repeat around.


Lay hex right side up, join Color B in ch2sp above MR, repeat same process as face around.

Connecting Band

With Color A, ch8

R1       sc across, turn (7)
R2-10        Ch1, sc across, turn (7)

Join Color B

R11-13        ch1, sc across, turn (7)

Repeat 10 rows Color A followed by 3 rows Color B 5 times. With RS facing, slst the 1st row to the last row to close the band.


Line up a straight edge of the hexagon with an orange section of the band.  Join Color A at the left edge of any section of surface crochet, slst across the orange section and fasten off when you reach the next section of surface crochet.  Stretch the hexagon slightly if necessary to make sure the orange sections line up.  Repeat around hexagon, flip over, and join 4 sections of other side.

Stuff halfway with Polyfil, insert rattle, and complete stuffing.  Close remaining sections.

Cut 36 pieces of Color B about 9” long.  Fold 3 strands together in half, insert hook through band and hexagon, and pull loops through.  Use cow hitch knot to secure, making sure you capture the long tails left from creating the surface crochet.  Pull tight, braid, knot and trim.  Repeat around hexagon on top and bottom.

PDF copies of this pattern, which contain tutorial pictures, extended instructions, and other bonuses, are available in my Ravelry shop for a small fee!

I’d love to see what you create!  Feel free to join The BSB Crafting Community to share pictures, get notifications of new pattern releases, and member-exclusive sales!