Welcome to My Crafting Madness!


If you’ve read my “About” page, you’ve already gathered that I’m a military veteran, a military mom, and I love all kinds of crafts.  But what it doesn’t tell you is that I love doing those crafts all at. the. same. time…

Short Attention Meme

My attention span is just a skosh longer than a gnat’s, so when I get bored with one craft, I switch to another.  Or even more to the point, I have different crafts in progress depending on the area of the house I happen to be in.  I might have a onesie being monogrammed on the embroidery machine while I’m whipping up a fancy new tunic or leggings on the sewing machine & serger, which are all in the same area.  But when I “retire” to the comfy couch, I need to have a way to get my craft on while I’m reclined with my feet up.  Enter the hookery, Stage Right!

At any given time, I’ve got at least 3 different knitting or crochet projects sitting in my basket next to me.  All different yarn weights, hook/needle sizes, and sometimes 2 of the same thing!  (This is also the reason I have multiples of the same hook & needle sizes, although I tell the hubs it’s because I neeeeeeeeeed them.)

And when I need to give my fine motor skills and squinting muscles a workout, I break out the cross stitch bag and hoop me up some Aida cloth!  This doesn’t happen quite as often though, because it’s buried in my closet behind the large heavy totes of yarn and fabric, and hey… who doesn’t like the path of least resistance?

There’s also scrapbooking and card making, but again, those don’t happen as often as I’d like since my available space is fairly small… and it’s an enormous amount of work to drag out the mountains of cardstock, stamps, and pretty patterned papers, just to have to put it all away after a few hours.  When I get to the point of having a craft room again, I may revive that passion, especially since I’m about to become a Nana twice over…  but for now, that path of least resistence is very well traveled!

What kind of crafting do you enjoy?  Am I the only one with Crafty ADD?


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