New Pattern Release – Dainty Daisy Baby Blanket

I don’t usually think of summer time as the perfect blanket making weather…  Autumn & winter are what come to mind when I think of being able to snuggle under a bunch of yarn as I hook the night away.  But, babies are born year round…  And babies need to be all snuggly buggly (yep, that’s a real term… for reals!) year round!

Daisies symbolize many things in many different cultures, but a common meaning is daintiness, childbirth, and purity.  And I just knew it was perfect for the occasion!


This is my Dainty Daisy Baby & Lap Blanket!  It was designed as a baby blanket, but at 46″, it is definitely big enough to throw over your legs for a little extra comfort.

The pattern features lots of great texture mixed with some basic stitching and fun joining methods that make it enjoyable for novice and experienced crocheters alike!

If you check out my Ravelry store and use the code DAISY18, you can get your copy for 50% off through Sunday June 10th!

Happy Hooking!

XOXO – Shelley

P.S. Here are some fun examples from my testers!


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