Create That Wish List & What’s on Mine


I absolutely ADORE the Christmas season – not necessarily for the commercial influences, but more for the fact that it brings joy to my soul when I get to spend time with those that I love.  The decorations, the smells of Christmas cookies, and candy canes instantly takes me to my happy place!  I mean – if I was physically able to skip around, spinning and twirling while singing Christmas carols, I would totally do it!  However, I am a staunch believer that stores should not be putting out Christmas goods in July.  As a matter of fact, I don’t even think we should see any trace of Saint Nick until the day after Thanksgiving.  Every holiday should have its own space in our hearts and minds, and Labor Day, Halloween, Veteran’s Day & Thanksgiving should not be overshadowed.   Before you freak out on me, I do realize that I am in the minority here, LOL!

With all that being said, though… it is NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, too soon to start making your holiday wish list!  I mean, I actually think we should all maintain a running list of goods and trinkets we are ogling, coveting, or otherwise drooling over – that way if someone wants to surprise you any time of the year, the integrity of said surprise is protected by not having to keep asking “what do you want for ________ occasion.”  That makes sense, right?  Right?  C’mon, you know I’m right!



I think Amazon is the PERFECT way to do just that!  Not only do they have access to nearly everything under the sun, their Wish List feature allows you to create unlimited lists for every member of your family or even for yourself under different categories (home, car, crafts, clothing, etc).  Even the gift giver decides to purchase the item elsewhere, there is still a central, up to date location to sneakily discover your secret heart’s desires.



If you have a crafty person in your life who doesn’t have a wish list, I’m gonna help you out here.  By sharing what’s on my wish list, hopefully that will give you some ideas – and honestly if your loved one doesn’t like your gift, I promise you it won’t go to waste… just message me for my address 🙂

  1. Yarn Swift – I really want this super sweet floor model, but not only do I not have any place to store it, I doubt Santa’s pockets are that deep this year, LOL.  But I really love the fact that it has a turn handle!  And now that I think about it, I’m SURE I can make room for it.


  2. A Second Yarn Swift – you might be wondering why I’d need 2… well, when I’m dyeing yarn in a self-striping pattern, it needs to be rewound into a longer hank.  And believe me when I tell you that although it CAN be done by hand, it is excruciating on the back and shoulders.  SO I need to put the blank hank (haha!  that rhymed! kinda like “Grape Ape”… an old cartoon from my childhood… anyone? Bueler?) on one swift and wind onto the other.  And since I can GUARANTEE you if I won’t get one of those gorgeous floor models, I’m not going to get two.  So I found these much cheaper models that clamp to a table on Amazon.  Even though it doesn’t have a crank handle, for that price, I can seriously have 2… or 3… or 4!


  3. Rubber Finger Grips – I’m not super picky about the brand – I just need something to protect my dadgum fingertips when doing a marathon knitting session.  Here’s the link to find these on Amazon – although they don’t have much of a selection.


  4. Chiaogoo Red Lace Steel Circular Knitting Needles – I have several pairs in various cable lengths, but they are all size 0-1, maybe even a 2.  I’d really like to get some in larger sizes… to me these are the cadillacs of knitting needles!


  5. Circular Needle Storage Case – of course with all those new needles, I’m gonna need this fancy new case to store them in!


Now, I do have boatloads more stuff on my list, LOL…. but like I said, Santa is on a real tight budget this year, and we would much rather have Santa focus on the grand babies this year!  But hey – I wouldn’t argue if an elf went out of his way to surprise me with something fun, LOL!  And since I have a current wish list, he will have plenty of ideas to choose from.

So make sure to create your list.  Whether you write it on paper, draw it on the wall, tattoo it on your arm…  go start your list now!  And if you see Santa, show him what I’m wishing for 🙂




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