Happily Hooked -Bamboo Hook Review

Sheesh – it’s been a little while since I’ve posted!  I’d love to say I was on a world tour, visiting all the warm sunny and glorious locations, being fanned and fed grapes by a very buff foreign cabana boy… but it’s nothing that glamorous 🙂  I had to take a little time off to spend some time with my brand new grand babies and some travel for that pesky day job (hey, bills gotta get paid, right?).  But during that time, I did manage to squeeze in some hookin’ – tested some patterns for other designers, competed in the Battle of the Stitches challenge, and tried out some new tools.

I’m not sure if any of you have seen the offers by Happily Hooked Magazine for a set of free bamboo crochet hooks as long as you pay the shipping.  I’m always skeptical of these types of things, because, let’s face it – there almost always is a hidden fee or some kind of catch that ends up costing you WAY MORE than the same thing would cost in a store.  And often times the items that you actually receive are vastly different that what you thought you were getting.  So I thought to myself:  Self, maybe we should give it a try and even write a blog post about my experience 🙂  So that’s what me and “Self” decided to do 🙂

The ad said the offer was for a set of 7 Bamboo Hooks, and this is what I received:


I was very pleased to see that the tip of the hook is in the Boye style and not Bates…  I know I’m likely to kick a hornet’s nest when I say this, but…  I can’t stand the Bates hooks!  Don’t get me started on why – it would take an entire blog post for that explanation!  But just suffice it to say that I am 100%, T-totally, absolutely a Boye girl!  While the hooks themselves are a very lightweight metal of some kind, the handles themselves are bamboo from what I can tell.   The handles are not round, but they are wide  and flat with a nice spot for your thumb to grip if you are a knife-style hooker like me.  Being a handicapped hooker, I’m always looking for ways to make crafting more comfortable, and this seemed to be fairly easy to hold.  I don’t think these would be very comfortable if you are a pencil-style hooker though.  But that’s just a guess, since I still can’t get the hang of holding my hook any other way but the way I always do 🙂


I was reading some of the comments to Happily Hooked’s ad, and some folks thought that their hooks weren’t filed smoothly and that their hooks snagged the yarn.  Actually, I didn’t find that to be the case with my set.  I used the 4.0 mm hook on a sweater, and the yarn didn’t seem to catch on the hook at all.  In that respect, it worked just as good as my standard metal G hook.

All in all, I think the set of hooks were definitely worth the $6.99 shipping fee, in spite of the somewhat misleading statement that they were bamboo hooks.  I mean, you pay that much for just a couple of hooks at the store, right?!

In fact, I liked them well enough that I bought a second set to give away to one of my fabulous blog readers!  Yes – that means YOU!

If you’d like to receive a set of these hooks, leave a comment below telling me about your favorite crochet hook and why you love it so much!  I’ll randomly draw a winner from the comments the week before Father’s Day!

Happy Hookin’ Y’all!


14 thoughts on “Happily Hooked -Bamboo Hook Review

  1. Susan Bryant says:

    I have super- dry hands and sometimes it’s hard to hold onto aluminum hooks. My favorite is a Boye hook, size F, that has a rubbery grip. I got it on sale at Tuesday Mornings.


  2. Flash Ragler says:

    I have been looking at these as well. I tried the metal hooks when i first started to crochet but would cramp. My daughter bought me a set of CLOVER ARMOUR AND THEY ARE SO MUCH BETER ON MY HANDS BECAUSE OF THE FLAT GRIP. I thought i would not like them becasue i wanted the tulip ones but she bought what she could afford, I hold my hook the same way as in the picture. zwould love to give the wood ones a try. Thanks for the chance


  3. Heather R says:

    I just recently got a Bates hook with a bamboo handle which I absolutely love! I also got a hook from Happy Crochet Hooks but it’s almost too beautiful to use.


  4. Tracey Albrecht says:

    I’m a Boye girl as well but as my arthritis worsens I’m in search of a solution so that I can continue doing my favorite thing! I have a Furls Odessey which is comfortable after getting used to the size of it but not for long periods of time, and I can’t do everything in one size! These might just be the answer


  5. Joy Nissen says:

    I too am a Boye girl all the way, that being said my favorite hook had been one by the crochet dude with the rubber handle, but then the rubber handle came loose and now I have one with a round bamboo handle that I love! I hope it will help me keep my hands warm too! Lol


  6. Flash Ragler says:

    I really like the clover armour for my hands. I like how they are flat and gives more support. I hold my hook more exactly like the picture you posted above. These look like they would be an awesome set for me to try would love to have the chance. Thanks so much for allowing us all to swoon over them. Have a wonderful day


  7. Terrie Faria says:

    I like the Boye always has been easier to find. Due to hand issues looking to try something new, Thank you for the chance!


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